Understanding the ‘Chain of Responsibility’

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is a legal framework that holds various parties accountable for ensuring safety in road transport operations.    It recognises that responsibility for compliance with safety regulations and practices extends beyond just the driver. Instead, it involves all parties in the supply chain, including:

  1. Driver:The person operating the vehicle.
  2. Operator:The company that owns or operates the vehicle.
  3. Loader/Unloader:Parties responsible for loading and unloading the cargo.
  4. Consignor/Consignee:The sender and receiver of the goods.
  5. Schedulers/Planners:Those responsible for planning routes and schedules.

The CoR principles acknowledge that any actions or decisions made by these parties can impact road safety. If a breach of safety regulations occurs, multiple parties can be held liable, not just the driver. This encourages a collaborative approach to safety and encourages all parties to take measures to prevent accidents.

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