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Key challenges

  • The Netcorp GPS solution already had immense potential, but the industry required a trusted network partner to connect their internal applications and users throughout Australia
  • They also required a network partner that could provide flexible ways to purchase hardware and services when they needed them
  • Rigid contracts requiring them to purchase beyond what’s needed could negatively affect their business model and prevent their innovative solution from thriving in the market

Netcorp GPS is an Australian-owned GPS tracking and vehicle telematics solutions company. Since 1999, the Netcorp brand has supported local and international businesses with their customised fleet management solutions, designed to integrate with their customers’ existing systems and technologies. Netcorp’s latest module designed specifically for the heavy vehicle industry – provides real-time weight monitoring and driver fatigue management, which are now key regulatory requirements in Australia. They have also tweaked this module for the ready-mix concrete industry which give these clients real time barrel rotation, water readings and provides health monitoring for their on-board systems. All of these unique features will ensure fleet operators are following chain of responsibility compliance and maintain the safety of their people and cargo wherever they may be. View our many services and industries we provide for by browsing our site, such as vehicle cctv systems.

Telematics Solutions

Netcorp GPS already had a thriving presence in the people moving industry, and was impressed with the track record Telstra had in assisting them deliver these solutions. This made Telstra a top-of-mind choice for a technology partner. To ensure Netcorp GPS’ new solution thrived, Telstra was able to deliver a tailor-made technology solution incorporating Samsung tablets, running a Mobile Managed Device (MDM) solution for easier device management, connected to the Telstra national mobile network.

With best-of-breed technology and a scalable roll-out model, Netcorp GPS was able to integrate Telstra’s leading network services and leverage its tech partnerships to deliver the potential of their heavy-vehicle fleet management solution.

“Telstra empowered us to deliver our solution using only the best mobile coverage and a tailored technology solution to suit our customers. Telstra also found new ways of working with us so we could scale the solution as we needed to – ordering hardware and services as demand for our solution grows.”

Anthony La Malfa, Managing Director at Netcorp GPS.

telematics solutions


Netcorp GPS have assigned their first customer for this solution with a fleet of over 600 trucks.

“Telstra has worked with us to get our solution up and running. Everything works, and it’s a great competitive advantage to have Telstra as our partner because our customers are confident with Telstra’s extensive network coverage,” Anthony La Malfa, Managing Director at Netcorp GPS. “When it comes to the IoT space and assets moving around the country, reliable network coverage from Telstra ensures that we send data in real-time and help our product fulfil its promise to customers.” “We are also looking into diversifying into other areas of IoT administration and monitoring, like non-vehicle assets. Now that we have evolved into such a flexible platform, we want to work with Telstra for future opportunities, and if possible, lend our own expertise with their future products and services,” added Anthony.

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