Concrete & Aggregate

Concrete and Aggregate

Our Netcorp team specialises in the delivery of solutions associated with the concrete and aggregate industry. Many of our clients in this space have benefited from having previously unseen transparency of their fleet and logistical movements of their vehicles with drivers increasing their safety and efficiency. We have provided many safety and productivity solutions in this space with the following clients and other vehicle tracking services in the concrete industry.

Netcorp is leading the way in vehicle tracking in the concrete and aggregate industry by supplying solutions that give operators complete transparency of their fleet. The task of being able to provide and install a reliable telematics solution for any heavy vehicle fleet type is one thing, but for it to survive in one of the harshest logistical environments is another.

We have proven time and time again that we are capable of delivering to whatever size and scale is needed and follow up with the service this industry requires. Browse our site for more of our industries and services such as equipment tracking in Sydney.

System Integrations

Netcorp is one of the few providers that have their own development team with a system that has been purpose built from the ground up.

This is why integrating into third party systems such as Command Alkon, Jonel and Archer Batching systems is something we are more than capable of. We have continuously developed our algorithms that have been proven accurate with system statusing and offer our clients the best transparency for reliable and accurate ready mix concrete delivery.

Agitator Vehicle Telematics

With the collaboration of our R&D team and some of our valued clients, we have been able to develop a system that is capable of monitoring many of the end to end delivery processes in the ready-mix concrete industry including these features listed below:

vehicle tracking concrete industry
  • Barrel Rotation Direction (Mix / Pour / Stop)
  • Barrel Rotation Speed
  • Barrel Rotation Counter (Per Job/Lifetime)
  • Barrel Lifetime Statistics
  • Historical De-dagging records
  • Concrete Buildup Monitoring
  • Water Added throughout the delivery process
  • Complete Vehicle CAN Integration
  • Fuel consumed per delivery
  • Mileage per delivery
  • Real-Time Slump (PSI) Pressure Monitoring
  • Return Concrete Monitoring
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for driver visibility
  • Live Dashboard and Reporting Suite

Tipper and Tanker Solutions

Alongside the agitator telematics, we also offer our clients a complete suite of solutions to manage the delivery and compliance of their cement and aggregate logistics. Through our learnings and dealing with industry leaders in this area, we have been able to develop a system that can easily monitor and give real-time information on the complete delivery process to instantly inform your team of logistic staff.

  • PTO usage reporting and monitoring
  • Complete Vehicle CAN Integration
  • Live Onboard Mass Management
  • Multi-Axle Mass Management
  • Customised Pre-Start Checks
  • Driver Fatigue Management
  • Pro-Active Rest Break Management
  • Fuel consumption per delivery
  • Mileage per delivery
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for driver visibility
  • Live Dashboard and Reporting Suite
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