Private Cloud

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud offers a uniquely convenient experience, where an entire cloud infrastructure is dedicated to your organisation’s exclusive use. It takes the worry out of shared data and ensures that all of your information remains safe and secure.

Benefits of a Private Cloud

1. Secure

Enjoy the security of knowing that all your data is stored in Australian-based data centres with Netcorp IT. Plus, get access to flexible software licensing and deployment plans as we have an unlimited capacity for scaling up quickly to meet any new hosting requests.

2. Fast

Accelerate your network performance with our Managed Cloud! Netcorp IT is able to link your office directly to our Smart Cloud infrastructure so you can take complete control of the connection. Our modular cloud components have less contention levels than those from public providers, giving you a much better solution overall. Get ready for faster and more efficient networking today with Netcorp IT.

3. Easily Controlled

Get the most out of your service with Netcorp. Stay connected and ensure superior performance by leveraging our unified communications solutions. Keep your corporate network secure with centrally-managed firewalls and proxies. And rest assured that all your data is safe — trust in fast, efficient off-site backups for peace-of-mind!

4. High Tech

Netcorp’s Cloud structure is designed with adjustable server and storage controls that can be connected and tailored to your specific needs whenever necessary. Not only does this reduce competition more than shared systems but it also provides more customisation options.

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