One of the struggles across the Heavy Vehicle industry and in particular, the ‘Concrete and Aggregates’ industry, is the logistical transparency of fleets that include hire trucks. Often hire trucks are not equipped with the company’s telematics equipment, as these vehicles contract to your company and others, on an ad-hoc basis. There is little to no visibility of their location or job status when using them with your company’s dispatch systems.

So if there was a solution that allowed these hired assets to be visible as required, as if they were simply another member of your fleet so that all of your integrations, reporting and dispatch systems worked seamlessly, by the driver simply signing on with an app for the duration of their shift wouldn’t that be great? It’s here – CONTRACK is a new app recently developed by NETCORP that easily integrates into our telematics platform for your ad-hoc tracking requirements.

Contrack features include the following:

  • Track vehicles in real-time (up to 10sec updates) as if they were part of your fleet without the use of additional GPS tracking hardware or costs of installation
  • Deploy driver and vehicle assets in less than 5 minutes using a fully managed portal
  • Built in driver self-sign up and approval process
  • Customisable Driver Terms and Acknowledgement on driver Sign On
  • Control driver access and which vehicles identification ID they driver under
  • Seamlessly integrate into any existing telematics and business reporting systems that exist
  • For Concrete: Integrates into JONEL and CMD ALKON for live job status including “Pour” Signal
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