Converting to Paperless with Digital Pre-Start Checks

The growing trend continues in the Heavy Vehicle industry with the businesses migrating to digital platforms to improve efficiency and maintain their compliance requirements. Good record maintenance goes a long way and lost records are not the way most businesses want to start an audit process. Maintaining paper records for daily operations is an arduous task. Couple this with asset management, fault management, mass management and fatigue management – we spend more time chasing paperwork from drivers than actually getting on with business related tasks.

Whilst we hear a lot about Electronic Work Diaries, digital pre-starts are also just as vital to daily operations. The Netcorp solution is an all in one digital platform providing a simple and effective tool to capture digital pre-starts in real time, that can be checked against driver sign on activity and fatigue management requirements. Our platform allows the customisation of digital pre-starts based on vehicle types and can be centrally managed through a single interface for your whole fleet. Get in touch with one of our sales specialists to find out more about how our product is simplifying the way operators reach all of their compliance goals.

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