It’s important to note that GPS surveillance is not limited to just cars and trucks, but can be applied within the construction and building industry through live GPS tracking of excavators, mobile cranes, earth moving equipment as well as heavy vehicles and more.

Heavy equipment such as these are often a very expensive asset to a business, and the construction industry relies heavily on their use for the progression of both big and small jobs. Many companies have been vulnerable to theft, vandalism, resale or unauthorised use, and if these assets go missing it has a huge impact on their business – resulting in delayed jobs, loss of revenue, and more. That is why Netcorp provides services for the tracking of this equipment so that you always stay on top of location and usage of your equipment.

With GPS tracking, a business owner can easily view the location and usage of each asset at any time, day or night.

It ensures better and effective monitoring of your fleet, optimising fuel use, geofence alerts, scheduling of maintenance, and employee output.

One of the most requested services we offer is the ability to MDVR solutions for the remote monitoring of onboard CCTV that we install in your vehicles for you. To find out more about these please contact our sales team.


  • Reduce fuel, wages, and overtime costs
  • Track your asset 24/7
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Loss prevention
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Accurate billing and usage of rental equipment

Some of the other Industries we service

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