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General News and Posts about what we see in the GPS Tracking and Telematics Industry

Converting to Paperless with Digital Pre-Start Checks

The growing trend continues in the Heavy Vehicle industry with the businesses migrating to digital platforms to improve efficiency and maintain their compliance requirements. Good record maintenance goes a long way and lost records are not the way most businesses want to start an audit process. Maintaining paper records for daily operations is an arduous

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Understanding the ‘Chain of Responsibility’

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is a legal framework that holds various parties accountable for ensuring safety in road transport operations.    It recognises that responsibility for compliance with safety regulations and practices extends beyond just the driver. Instead, it involves all parties in the supply chain, including: The CoR principles acknowledge that any actions or

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Importance of Vehicle Camera Technology

MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recording) technology plays a crucial safety role in various industries and sectors, particularly in transportation and security. It involves the use of digital video cameras and recording systems to capture, store, and manage video footage in mobile environments. The importance of MDVR technology stems from several key factors. MDVR systems are extensively

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Understanding AI Technology

AI camera technology refers to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into camera systems, enabling them to analyse and interpret visual information in real-time. The Netcorp AI camera is comprised of four components: Reports & Analytics, Driver Monitoring Technology, Fleet Management and AI technology that work together to improve driver safety and fleet efficiency. The

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How Can ‘Route Optimisation’ Help Your Business

Route Planning and Optimisation in telematics combines the benefits of route optimisation algorithms with real-time data and capabilities of telematics systems. By integrating these two technologies, businesses can achieve more precise and dynamic route planning, leading to further road compliance, efficiency gains and service improvements. Telematics systems provide a constant stream of real-time data about vehicles,

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