New Concrete Driver Experience

Integration directly into your concrete mixer control system is a huge advantage and unique feature to Netcorp’s onboard telematics. This ensures instant and accurate triggering of your pour / mix status in your job management system. We are currently approved and authorised to integrate into Command Alkon, Jonel and a variety of other Job Dispatch systems. With Netcorp, the driver also benefits from these insights giving them wireless connectivity through their driver interface to the data being collected and stored by Netcorp’s system.

Netcorp continues to evolve as the industry leader in ready-mix concrete delivery telematics. With the release of our new concrete delivery insight screen (AGINET), our system ensures the highest possible quality of your delivery to your customers – every time. This gives the driver wireless connectivity to Netcorp’s onboard telematics, as well as synchonised transparancy to the business backoffice, to ensure ISO compliance and historical quality assurance is met. If you want to see it in action contact our sales team for a demo!

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