Road Safety Week – Our Commitment To Safety & Compliance

Being one of the leading Telematics provider’s to the transport industry, Netcorp takes road safety very seriously. During road safety week, we acknowledge our commitment to regular updates to our technology platforms to ensure our clients have access to the latest technology available in automotive safety solutions. Our role is to give our clients the confidence they need to operate in a market that is constantly evolving with additional compliance and regulation, that is implemented by regulators to help minimise the risk of injuries and deaths on our roads.

“Our staff come to work every day believing we are truly making a difference and it’s what drives them to stay innovative and passionate about what we do as a team. Ultimately, the driver behind the wheel of a motor vehicle has the final say on how it is operated, however if we can equip them and their employer with the tools to become SAFER at what they do – without being too intrusive, cumbersome or inefficient, then this all contributes to the way we ALL feel while we share the road and workplace together”  – Anthony La Malfa (Managing Director, Netcorp)

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