Netcorp Partners With Suttons & Kenworth To Help Deliver Safety Solutions To Industry

The industry has spoken, and we have listened. Netcorp has partnered with Suttons and Kenworth to help drive the development of Heavy Vehicle Safety technology. After a long but worthwhile wait, Netcorp has taken delivery of their very own fully optioned Kenworth T360 Agitator truck, which will be used to showcase our current telematics products and safety systems, as well as providing a real world testing platform for heavy vehicle industry specific safety solutions, and ready-mix concrete products. There has been an urgent drive for technological innovation in this industry that simply can’t be tested on a workbench, and there is no better platform to test these solutions than having our very own truck. By making this investment, Netcorp becomes the only telematics provider in the world to own their own heavy vehicle, giving us the ability to fast track our products to market without the dependency on customer testing and downtime of their fleet. The end result is a more reliable, high quality product that is ready to use from day one. Our plan is to build products that can cater for vehicle fleets of all ages, types and sizes, as well as integrating into the latest OEM delivered safety technology where available. This will enable heavy vehicle operators with the ability to implement low cost, fleet wide safety improvements. This move comes as part of a major drive and campaign for Heavy Vehicle road safety and compliance through the delivery of emerging technology, coupled with the best telematics gear from the team at Netcorp

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