Netcorp Launches In-House Manufacturing

Staying Agile and Dynamic in the IoT industry is critical. Our client’s thirst for innovation gives us the drive to develop new products, so that we can help them achieve their business goals. The only way to do this reliably and consistently is to become less dependent on 3rd party manufacturing. Delays can potentially affect research and development, or hold up the progression of your new products to the end user. The market learnt this valuable lesson during the Covid-19 pandemic which heavily affected the production of electronic components in the automotive industry. Netcorp has recently acquired its own SMT production line, enabling us to design and produce our own electronics hardware including in-house design, PCB production capability and assembly to help us develop and manufacture products completely from scratch! There are no boundaries to our capability and we are solely guided by our client’s imagination and joint innovation. Stay tuned for a vast array of new products we are currently developing and will soon be released to market. These will be 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia.

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