GPS Tracking for Heavy Vehicles

Monitoring Vehicle Location of your Heavy Vehicle Fleet is extremely important to meet compliance and legislative requirements. You want to ensure that you’re with a GPS Tracking provider that can ensure reliability and service when it’s needed. With a provider that is not only accredited in the industry, but one that is also internationally accredited under ISO9001/ISO27001 standards for data privacy and security.

GPS tracking for heavy vehicles involves the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to monitor and track the location, speed, and other relevant information of large or heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, construction equipment, and other commercial vehicles. This technology has become increasingly popular in the transportation and logistics industry for several reasons:

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: GPS tracking allows fleet managers to monitor the real-time location of each vehicle in their fleet. This information is crucial for optimising routes, providing accurate estimated arrival times, and improving overall fleet efficiency.
  • Route Optimization: GPS tracking systems can analyse historical data and real-time traffic information to suggest the most efficient routes for vehicles. This helps in reducing fuel consumption, minimising travel time, and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Asset Security: GPS tracking is valuable for preventing theft and improving the chances of recovering stolen vehicles. If a vehicle is reported stolen, authorities can use GPS data to track its location and apprehend the thieves.
  • Fleet Management: Fleet managers can use GPS tracking systems to monitor various aspects of vehicle performance, such as fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, and maintenance needs. This proactive approach helps in preventing breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring: GPS tracking systems can provide insights into driver behavior, including speed, harsh acceleration, and braking. Monitoring driver behavior can contribute to safer driving practices, reduce accidents, and lower insurance costs.
  • Compliance and Reporting: GPS tracking systems can assist in compliance with regulations such as hours of service (HOS) for commercial drivers. Automated reporting features can generate records to ensure that drivers adhere to legal requirements.
  • Customer Service Improvement: Real-time tracking allows businesses to provide accurate delivery estimates to customers. This transparency enhances customer satisfaction and helps build trust with clients.
  • Integration with Other Systems: GPS tracking systems can be integrated with other business systems, such as inventory management and order processing. This integration streamlines operations and provides a comprehensive view of the entire supply chain.
  • Environmental Impact: By optimising routes and reducing idle time, GPS tracking systems contribute to lower fuel consumption and, consequently, a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Cost Savings: Overall, GPS tracking for heavy vehicles can result in cost savings through improved fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance expenses, and increased operational efficiency.

To implement GPS tracking for heavy vehicles, companies typically install GPS tracking devices in each vehicle, which communicate with satellites to determine and transmit location information. This data is then processed and made available through a user interface or a dedicated software platform for monitoring and analysis.

Netcorp’s system is built from the ground, up by our own in house team of talented software engineers in Australia. This ensures we have complete control of any customisation, integration and data privacy requirement you have. We are an ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified company that ensures the quality and service expected at a worldwide industry standard level.

This is what separates us from everyone else. You get local support, for a locally developed product and an extremely high level of service.

Our Live GPS Tracking platform provides instant access to every vehicle in your fleet’s location, in a highly detailed, real-time map. You can monitor your vehicles moving in real time and at any zoom level, select a vehicle icon and instantly receive real-time data. If you are further connected with our broad range of telematic products we can deliver any solution to give you complete transparency of your fleet and staff.

Our system is designed to be accessed from any internet enabled browser and can playback historical reporting with just a few clicks. You can also customise your experience by grouping vehicles and choose from a variety of vehicle icons for simple identification.

Used by over 1000 companies in over 20000 assets in Australia including the heavy vehicle industry, you will appreciate why they have made the choice to change their outdated systems to Netcorp. Get a quote from us today and browse our other services such as heavy vehicle compliance globally.

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