AdBri ‘Take 5’ Project

When it comes to heavy vehicle safety and the interaction of trucks with onsite activity there is nothing more important than the safety of drivers and the people around you. The “Take 5” initiative has been gathering momentum in the industry and is a way to encourage drivers and workers, that work in hazardous areas, to “Take 5” and scope out the area before performing any required works as part of their work duties. The key to deploying any successful safety initiative is to encourage routine and discourage opposition to change, and by making processes simpler and automated this can often prove extremely effective, and in turn is appreciated by staff. To find out how we were able to implement an effective TAKE5 solution for our drivers, please contact one of our account managers who will be happy to take you through this project which was a huge success.

Feel free to inquire about this with our team on 1300722127 or

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