MDVR Solutions

Netcorp has delivered a video telematics solution that far exceeds industry expectations by being able to record up to 8 cameras on any moving vehicle or asset. Our system has live remote playback capability and remote historical video retrieval for up to 2 months of continuous recording. Our platform has the capability to view your whole fleet in one screen and at the single touch of a button, live stream any active vehicle from an internet browser.

This gives the operator and their staff unprecedented access to their fleet and complete transparency of day to day operations. We also offer retrieval services via a standard support request, where our helpdesk will assist with any requests you have.

MDVR solutions deliver insights from a combination of video data, vehicle data and computer vision technology, helping to provide you with essential context so that you can effectively create long term solutions. This allows your company to understand and be informed with factual data on the reason an incident occurred and help you develop ways based on insights provided to prevent it from occurring again. Our MDVR Solutions will improve operations, safety and compliance in your business to ensure your fleets are progressing smoothly and safely.

Features & Benefits

  • Protection of non at fault incidents or false claims
  • 360 Degree recording capability + in cabin + multi trailer + more
  • Remotely retrieve video footage soon after an incident occurs
  • Real Time viewing of current vehicle position and any camera
  • Remote camera and system health monitoring
  • Video Recording and GPS tracking combined
  • Increased driver efficiency and responsibility
  • Improved loss prevention
  • Integrates as a reverse camera in the vehicle
  • Integrates as a turn signal blind spot camera for driver assistance
  • Connects you to your vehicle CAN for live vehicle data
  • Plus many more features
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