Terms of service for onsite installation and maintenance


The following Terms of Service are provided by Netcorp, to clients that are requesting support and installation or maintenance services by authorised Netcorp technicians or contractors performing any of the following services:

  • New Installations
  • Warranty repairs
  • Support, Service & Maintenance
  • Diagnosis of reported issues
  • Sealed Concrete, Bitumen level ground around the installation area of the vehicle (not parked on grass, loose gravel or muddy ground)
  • Suitable coverage in workshop or covered areas to prevent job cancellation due to weather extremes
  • Installation area must be free from heavy vehicle, heavy machinery or roadway traffic or where lift equipment is being operated
  • Flammables, Chemicals and Dangerous goods must not be located in the area that our technicians are working in
  • Cabin, Seats and Dashboard area must be free of any food, drinks, rubbish or dangerous goods
  • Vehicles must be in an operational state with no serious existing mechanical or electrical faults
  • Any existing faults or issues found with the vehicle impacting the safe operation of the vehicle will be reported to management immediately before proceeding
  • If a fault or issue is deemed to be potentially unsafe this will terminate the installation immediately and incur a cancellation of the scheduled installation
  • Vehicles must be presented in a clean and suitable state for the required works to be performed
    • Concrete / Tipper Trucks must not be loaded and must be free from debris or potentially loose aggregate or concrete build-up
    • Waste Trucks must be thoroughly washed prior and free from any harmful contaminants, waste or dangerous items in consideration of the areas the technicians will be working in
  • Where works are required to be performed at height the client must provide safe and stable working platforms (as these cannot be transported by our technicians for obvious logistical reasons)

Requesting Service

All requests for service must be processed by:

  1. Using the portal tracking portal based “Service Request” form that the clients can access in the system portal (https://v3.netcorpgps.com.au/)
  2. Where option 1 is unavailable, sending an email with the appropriate information listed below to support@netcorpgps.com.au
    • Date/Time of Issue or Required Service DescriptionVehicle Name / ID / Location
    • Where Option 1 or 2 is not available or the matter is business critical, by calling our helpdesk on 1300722127 and logging the request with one of our support team
    • Detailed description of issue being reported including any photos or evidence
  3. Where Option 1 or 2 is not available or the matter is business critical, by calling our helpdesk on 1300722127 and logging the request with one of our support team members

Response Time & SLA Matrix

Service requests will be triaged and responded to by the relevant the Netcorp team, in line with our SLA matrix below. All requests for installations default to a Passive (Low Urgency) request as they are logged as new requests for assets not currently in service. All other service related requests are allocated and scheduled on an adhoc basis as required with their relevant resolution target assigned.

Whole BusinessCritical15min4hr
Part BusinessHigh2hr8hr
Single User / VehicleMedium8hr48hr or Scheduled
Passive IssueLow24hr5days or Scheduled
Please Note: The above SLA times are only available to clients currently on a Service Level Agreement, all other appointments are best effort or as scheduled

Remote Diagnosis

Where there has been a reported issue with an existing installation, the Netcorp helpdesk will attempt to contact the client for more information by email if there aren’t enough details provided in the original request by the client. If the helpdesk can remediate the reported issue remotely it will be diagnosed and updated accordingly and the client will be advised by email of the status of the logged request within 48hrs.

Warranty Terms

Unless otherwise stated, all warranty is covered by a 12 Months Return to Base Warranty for Parts and Labour. Warranty does not cover physical damage, tamper of equipment or unauthorised installation of the equipment. Netcorp will not accept claims for compensation, loss of work or re-imbursement of any kind due to a installation or warranty repair being performed. Where a request is made in relation to a warranty claim, Netcorp must be provided with the opportunity to inspect and repair the issue being claimed prior to any 3rd party being engaged to perform any repair works. Warranty claims for service will only be performed during normal business hours,

Travel for Warranty or Installation

Warranty does not cover the cost of travel to a client site where the fault itself is not directly related to the original installation or the original installation was not performed onsite. If the issue can be resolved remotely, or the vehicle is returned to one of our approved installation centres, then no travel charges apply. If a technician is required to travel to and from site, to inspect or diagnose a warranty claim, charges related to the travel and attendance of the onsite visit is chargeable.

Applicable Charges

Charges for ad-hoc, out of warranty or service related work are as per the table below. All charges related to installations or project related work are provided to you business during the quotation process and are not applicable to this table.

Standard Hourly Base ChargesCharge
Standard Hourly Rate (0600-18:00 Mon-Fri)$150/hr (Min1hr)
Onsite Waiting Time for Scheduled Work – (Up to 15min Grace Period^)$50 per 15min
After Hours Hourly Rate (18:00-06:00 Mon-Fri, Saturdays) Sundays & Public Holidays are not available$250/hr (Min2hr)
Non-Warranty or Support Related IT Configuration, Project or Helpdesk Support$200/hr (Min1hr)
Travel Charges and Miscellaneous
TollsAt Cost
Accommodation, Airfares and Travel Expenses for Regional (Non-Metro) RequirementsAt Cost
Travel Time for Technicians$25 per 15min
Charges for Job Cancellations by Customer (within 24hrs of scheduled site visit)
Cancellation by customer of any standard (1-3hr allocation) scheduled service service (including warranty)$150 per vehicle
Cancellation of any standard (1-3hr allocation) scheduled service service after technician site arrival$350 per vehicle
Cancellation by of any major installation (3hr+ allocation) or project work within 24hrs of the agreed scheduled time$500 per vehicle

All charges are exclusive of GST – Updated: 1st March 2024

^Waiting time is calculated after 15min of site arrival by the technician (grace period),where an installation is not available to be performed due to the vehicle or onsite contact’s availability.

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