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Heavy Vehicle Telematics

Heavy Vehicle Telematics is an essential management tool used to display on computerised maps, the movement and monitoring of heavy vehicles, using GPS technology and on-board diagnostics.

Telematic systems report on various specific vehicle information such as fuel use, tire pressure, speed, position, trip times, trip distance, seatbelt use, vehicle faults and more. 

With this data collected, you are then able to view reports such as which vehicles require a scheduled maintenance and the number of speeding incidences from specific drivers.

Scania Truck
WSC GPS Tracking Truck

There are many benefits you will receive from implementing our heavy vehicle telematics into your business. Productivity will be increased through our real time GPS tracking, dispatching tools and our instant trip reports. 

By receiving reports and data on risk and driver behaviours, location of any possible stolen vehicles and collision notifications, the safety of your vehicle drivers will be optimised. 

Heavy vehicle telematics in combination with other software systems allow for seamless integrations with other essential technologies to ensure you receive all data and reports needed at any time.

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