Netcorp Launches AI camera

The idrive AI camera is comprised of four components: Reports & Analytics, Driver Monitoring Technology, Fleet Management and AI technology that work together to improve driver safety and fleet efficiency. The cloud-based fleet management platform uses advanced artificial intelligence and video telematics to process the data from the idrive AI cam giving you the tools to better manage your fleet. See how Netcorp GPS can help your industry with our services such as a heavy vehicle black box.

Powered by the best:

  • HD video of driver and road
  • Infrared LED for low-light recording & night vision
  • 8 core processor with embedded AI for advanced computing
  • OLED Display for in-cab alerts
  • Wired Panic Button

Smarter than the rest:

  • Intelligent AI and video telematics safety triggers and warning for real-time in-cab alerts
  • Accident detection detects potential accidents and sends an alert to fleet manager
  • Facial Recognition automatically identifies drivers for accurate data and reports
  • Distracted and Drowsy driver detection to prevent accidents

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