Mass On Board Monitoring

Onboard Mass Monitoring

One of the key factors to meeting any compliance requirements when running a heavy vehicle fleet is ensuring you have the right tools to make decisions about how you handle mass. With the COR compliance requirements now heavily in effect, we are helping businesses large and small achieve their goals with ease. If you utilise heavy vehicle fleets, onboard mass monitoring is an essential tool in adhering to these new COR compliance requirements. Our onboard mass monitoring solutions makes it easy to track and manage your fleet’s mass, ensuring you stay compliant with the law and its requirements.

With our unique technology, you’ll have the peace of mind that your fleet is always compliant and ready to take on any road. We offer onboard mass monitoring for a variety of heavy vehicles, from articulated flat beds to pallet trucks and more. Our solutions are designed to be easy to use and reliable, ensuring accuracy when it comes to calculating mass and meeting requirements. With our comprehensive reporting system, you can easily monitor vehicle’s weight over time and get real-time updates on compliance levels.

Netcorp has been delivering live weight solutions for a number of years and have already integrated into a number of on board mass systems like Elphinstone and Loadman.

Black Box Solution

By utlising our proprietary “Black Box” solution we are able to integrate into any existing weight solution or provide one for you. This gives you the ability to track weight in real-time and store this historical weight data to help you make the right choice for compliance or productivity.

If you’d like to know more about our integration capability contact us on 1300 722 127 send us an email for further information.

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