GPS Tracking for Trailers & Static Assets

Monitoring Vehicle Location of your Trailers of Assets that are static or don’t move is important as these devices don’t ften have the ability to power themselves or re-generative power to keep onboard batteries, required for the use of GPS tracking devices, charged often or at all. You want to ensure that you’re with a GPS Tracking provider that can ensure reliability and service when it’s needed. With a provider that is not only accredited in the industry, but one that is also internationally accredited under ISO9001/ISO27001 standards for data privacy and security.

GPS tracking for trailers and static assets involves using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to monitor and track the location, status, and other relevant information of trailers, containers, and other movable or fixed assets. This technology provides valuable insights into the location, utilization, and security of these assets, offering benefits such as improved operational efficiency, theft prevention, and better asset management. Here are key aspects of GPS tracking for trailers and static assets:

Location Tracking: GPS tracking allows real-time monitoring of the location of trailers and static assets. This is particularly valuable for businesses that need to keep track of the whereabouts of their assets, especially when they are in transit or stored at various locations.

Asset Utilization: GPS tracking systems provide data on how often and how long assets are in use. This information helps in optimizing asset utilization, identifying underutilized assets, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Geofencing: Geofencing features allow users to set up virtual boundaries or zones on a map. When a trailer or asset enters or exits a predefined area, the GPS tracking system can send alerts or notifications. This is useful for monitoring movements within specific zones or ensuring assets stay within designated areas.Security: GPS tracking enhances asset security by providing real-time information on the location of trailers and assets. If an unauthorized movement is detected, the system can trigger alarms and notify relevant authorities, increasing the chances of recovering stolen assets.

Maintenance Monitoring: GPS tracking systems can provide data on the usage patterns of assets, helping in scheduling maintenance proactively. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of assets and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Temperature Monitoring: For trailers transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, some GPS tracking systems offer temperature monitoring features. This is crucial for industries like pharmaceuticals and food transportation, where maintaining specific temperature conditions is essential.

Battery Monitoring: For assets that are not constantly in motion, such as trailers in storage, GPS tracking systems may offer battery monitoring features. This helps ensure that the tracking device has sufficient power to operate and transmit data when needed.

Remote Monitoring: Users can remotely access GPS tracking data, allowing them to monitor the status and location of assets from anywhere with an internet connection. This remote visibility enhances overall management efficiency.Integration with Inventory Management: GPS tracking can be integrated with inventory management systems, providing a comprehensive view of assets in real-time. This integration helps businesses keep accurate records and streamline inventory processes.

Cost Efficiency: By optimizing asset utilization, preventing theft, and enabling proactive maintenance, GPS tracking contributes to cost savings for businesses with fleets of trailers and various static assets.

To implement GPS tracking for trailers and static assets, businesses typically install GPS tracking devices on each asset. These devices communicate with GPS satellites to determine location information, and the data is then transmitted to a central server for processing and analysis. Users can access the information through a user interface or a dedicated software platform designed for asset tracking.

Boral Transport

Netcorp’s system is built from the ground, up by our own in house team of talented software engineers in Australia. This ensures we have complete control of any customisation, integration and data privacy requirement you have. We are an ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified company that ensures the quality and service expected at a worldwide industry standard level.

This is what separates us from everyone else. You get local support, for a locally developed product and an extremely high level of service.

Our Live GPS Tracking platform provides instant access to every vehicle in your fleet’s location, in a highly detailed, real-time map. You can monitor your vehicles moving in real time and at any zoom level, select a vehicle icon and instantly receive real-time data. If you are further connected with our broad range of telematic products we can deliver any solution to give you complete transparency of your fleet and staff.

Our system is designed to be accessed from any internet enabled browser and can playback historical reporting with just a few clicks. You can also customise your experience by grouping vehicles and choose from a variety of vehicle icons for simple identification.

Used by over 1000 companies in over 20000 assets in Australia including the heavy vehicle industry, you will appreciate why they have made the choice to change their outdated systems to Netcorp. Get a quote from us today and browse our other services such as heavy vehicle compliance in Sydney.

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