GPS Tracking for Boats & Marine

Monitoring Vehicle Location of your Boat or Marine Vessel is extremely important to ensure the security monitoring and safety requirements of you and your passengers. You want to ensure that you’re with a GPS Tracking provider that can ensure reliability and service when it’s needed. With a provider that is not only accredited in the industry, but one that is also internationally accredited under ISO9001/ISO27001 standards for data privacy and security.

GPS tracking for boats and marine vessels involves the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to monitor and track the location, speed, and other relevant information of watercraft. This technology is particularly valuable for enhancing safety, security, and operational efficiency in maritime activities. Here are key aspects of GPS tracking for boats and marine applications:

  1. Real-Time Location Tracking: GPS tracking systems allow boat owners, fleet operators, and maritime authorities to monitor the real-time location of boats and vessels. This information is critical for navigation, route planning, and coordination, especially in large bodies of water.
  2. Vessel Safety: GPS tracking enhances the safety of boaters by providing accurate location data, enabling faster response in case of emergencies or distress situations. Search and rescue operations can be more efficient with precise location information.
  3. Geofencing: Geofencing features enable the creation of virtual boundaries on the water. When a vessel enters or leaves a predefined area, the GPS tracking system can trigger alerts or notifications. This is useful for monitoring vessel movements within designated zones or ensuring compliance with fishing regulations.
  4. Route Optimization: GPS tracking helps optimize routes for boats, taking into account factors such as weather conditions, traffic, and navigational hazards. This contributes to fuel efficiency, reduces travel time, and improves overall operational efficiency.
  5. Weather Monitoring: Some advanced GPS tracking systems may integrate with weather data, providing boaters with real-time weather information. This helps in making informed decisions about navigation, avoiding storms, and ensuring the safety of the vessel and its occupants.
  6. Fleet Management: For businesses or organizations with multiple boats or a fleet of vessels, GPS tracking facilitates fleet management. It allows operators to monitor the entire fleet, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure that vessels are operating according to schedule.
  7. Anti-Theft and Security: GPS tracking systems act as a deterrent to theft and aid in the recovery of stolen boats. In the event of unauthorized movement or if a boat is reported stolen, the GPS data can be used to track and locate the vessel, assisting law enforcement in recovery efforts.
  8. Maintenance Planning: Similar to land-based GPS tracking, marine GPS tracking can provide data on engine hours, usage patterns, and maintenance needs. This information aids in scheduling preventative maintenance, reducing the risk of breakdowns at sea.
  9. Fisheries Management: GPS tracking is used in fisheries to monitor the movement of fishing vessels, enforce fishing regulations, and prevent illegal fishing activities. This helps in sustainable fisheries management and conservation efforts.
  10. Communication and Connectivity: Some GPS tracking systems offer communication features, allowing boaters to stay connected even in remote areas. This is important for emergency situations, as well as for general communication between vessels and shore operations.

To implement GPS tracking for boats and marine vessels, GPS tracking devices are installed on the watercraft. These devices communicate with GPS satellites to determine accurate location information, and the data is transmitted to a central server for analysis. Users can access the information through a web-based platform or dedicated software designed for marine applications.

Netcorp’s system is built from the ground, up by our own in house team of talented software engineers in Australia. This ensures we have complete control of any customisation, integration and data privacy requirement you have. We are an ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified company that ensures the quality and service expected at a worldwide industry standard level.

This is what separates us from everyone else. You get local support, for a locally developed product and an extremely high level of service.

Our Live GPS Tracking platform provides instant access to every vehicle in your fleet’s location, in a highly detailed, real-time map. You can monitor your vehicles moving in real time and at any zoom level, select a vehicle icon and instantly receive real-time data. If you are further connected with our broad range of telematic products we can deliver any solution to give you complete transparency of your fleet and staff.

Our system is designed to be accessed from any internet enabled browser and can playback historical reporting with just a few clicks. You can also customise your experience by grouping vehicles and choose from a variety of vehicle icons for simple identification.

Used by over 1000 companies in over 20000 assets in Australia including the heavy vehicle industry, you will appreciate why they have made the choice to change their outdated systems to Netcorp. Get a quote from us today and browse our other services such as heavy vehicle compliance globally.

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