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Providing solutions for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking



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Netcorp integrate with brands of the highest standard to ensure our clients have the best quality products and solutions integrated within their existing systems.

Providing solutions for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

Tipper Truck

Alongside the agitator telematics, we also offer our clients a complete suite of solutions to manage the delivery and compliance of their cement and aggregate logistics.

Through our learnings and dealing with industry leaders in this area, we have been able to develop systems that can easily monitor the complete delivery process by your team of logistic staff.

Concrete AGI Truck

Netcorp is leading the way in the concrete and aggregate industry by supplying solutions that give operators complete transparency of their fleet.

Our proprietary solution was built from the ground up to integrate into onboard agitator truck mixer control systems which can detect mix and pour signals, as well as barrel analytics like never seen before.

AI Camera

AI (artificial intelligence) Cameras in fleet management allows managers to keep track of and monitor any incidents, driving behaviours and road conditions continuously.

Footage of your fleet is recorded by the AI camera in your vehicles, then analysed by its software to detect any information that should be of your concern. You will get notified when immediate attention is needed, whilst also having complete access to all other footage whenever you require.

MDVR Solutions

Netcorp has delivered a video telematics solution that far exceeds any industry expectation, by being able to record up to 8 cameras on any moving vehicle or asset.

Our system has live remote playback capability and remote historical video retrieval for up to 2 months of continuous recording. Our platform also has the ability to view your whole fleet in one screen and at the single touch of a button, live stream any active vehicle from an internet browser.

Vehicle IoT Integration

Vehicle IoT integrations refer to the integration of components such as sensors, gadgets, AND APPS into vehicles and their existing systems. Vehicle IoT integrations are utilised for predictive maintenance, fleet management and for connections between cars.

The breakthrough of IoT Technology has transformed the vehicle industry by focusing on safer drives and enhancing the driver experience.

Heavy Vehicle Telematics

Heavy Vehicle Telematics is an essential management tool used to display on computerised maps, the movement and monitoring of heavy vehicles, using GPS technology and on-board diagnostics.

Telematic systems report on various specific vehicle information such as fuel use, tire pressure, speed, position, trip times, trip distance, seatbelt use, vehicle faults and more. With this data collected, you are then able to view reports such as which vehicles require scheduled maintenance and the number of speeding incidences from specific drivers.

GPS Tracking

We offer GPS tracking solutions for customers that simply want to start tracking vehicle or asset locations in real time by using our state of the art, web based portal.

Our GPS tracking solutions will collect fleet data to help you manage how, when and where your fleet is being utilised, showing exact times spent behind the wheel. Receive instant reports on speed limits and location information in a real time map. You can also easily determine historical vehicle locations as well as historical data using the various methods we have of extracting critical vehicle information.

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