Can you install a tracker without the intended user’s knowledge?

There are legal implications regarding the installation and monitoring of any type of GPS Tracking Device. When installing fleet management devices in business vehicles, the driver of the vehicle is required to have knowledge of GPS tracking devices. This can be in the form of a signed written acknowledgement by the employee, or can be integrated into the employee’s contract of employment.

What is stopping anybody tampering with my Netcorp GPS vehicle tracker?

This is dependent on a number of factors. The installation of the device is a primary factor in how easily the device can be tampered with. Our tracking device has a built-in backup battery which means that even if primary power is disabled the GPS will continue to function and therefore notify its owner that the primary power has been disabled. It also notifies us if antennas have been removed or damaged. If a vehicle is out of GPS or GPRS communication, all data is stored in the GPS Device’s internal memory log, so once the device comes back online, the information will be sent with the appropriate information for post investigation.

If my vehicle is stolen and your product is installed, what can you do?

Our product will follow your vehicle, and depending on the alarms that you have installed, you will be notified that it has left your house / work area, or even that it has been turned on. In addition, we offer a remote disabling solution, so that if your vehicle is stolen, it can be recovered quickly and safely by cutting the power to the car through our GPS solution.

What do you do with my tracking data?

Each account and device’s location data is stored separately in our system across a variety of secure database servers. Netcorp or its staff will never view your data unless given explicit permission by you, the account holder or a representative when providing support when required. The period of time that your data remains on our servers is dependent on the client, and if the service is terminated, we automatically purge and data related your account. Your data will never be provided to 3rd parties without your written permission.

Do you provide an installation service?

Yes. We have our own team of certified technicians that can provide installation services Australia wide.

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