Cybersecurity Education

Cybersecurity Education

Cybersecurity education is a crucial component of any educational environment, as it equips you with the necessary skills to protect your data from malicious cyber-attacks. With this training, you learn how to recognise and avoid potential phishing scams or ransomware attacks that could put you at risk. Keeping organisations secure should always be top priority; investing in cybersecurity education is essential for achieving both goals.

The best way to promote cybersecurity education is through a 3-step process, Educate, Assess and Action!



Our team at Netcorp is committed to raising awareness of cyber security risks and taking steps towards addressing them. To begin, a comprehensive education session is generally held to specifically answer questions from business leaders about the ever-developing world of cybercrime. This offers insight into how hackers operate, provides actionable plans for reducing threats, as well as introducing best practices in cybersecurity.



To evaluate the security of your organisation, you can compare it against best standards and practices through a cyber security assessment. The two common frameworks in use today are the Essential Eight and NIST framework, which come with their own sets of guidelines for success. The Essential Eight is becoming increasingly popular amongst government agencies as well as those who do business with them. On the other hand, NIST covers five major functions such as Identification, Protection, Detection Response and Recovery that helps businesses develop secure policies around data handling protocols.



The ultimate goal of the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect program is to provide expert advice on actionable improvements with tailored staff education. You will receive priority steps for your organisation, as well as skillset growth opportunities that can be applied beyond management – allowing all IT users to benefit from the specialised knowledge. These services include remediation consulting or project works based on assessment findings, in addition to comprehensive training programs like security classes and simulated phishing tests.

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