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Simplifying IT Strategy

We all know that the digital world is the way of the future for most businesses. Any good business strategist will define the weight and value of a company's IT infrastructure by the impact it has on productivity, reliability and scalability.

How do we get there?

The market has changed so much over the last 10 years. Previously, to ensure Joe Bloggs in Accounts received the latest computer we would rely on the small computer corner shop to build a computer, install and deliver within a few days.

Local PC data storage was then turned into an assortment of server applications and local mail exchange services, which required heavily on a specialised IT skillset dependency to ensure security and reduce vulnerability of data. There was the old age ‘tape backup’ mediums and the assignment of staff members to take tapes home with them for 'offsite backup', or storage in a 'fireproof safe'.

With the broadening of internet pipelines and speed, we are now trending towards a market of mobility. We no longer need a server, huge local storage, power redundancy, or filing cabinets full of Microsoft Licensing etc. Now everything can be done in the ‘Cloud’, and the infrastructure is so seamlessly implemented and cost effective that transitioning to this style of environment is a ‘no-brainer’.

Of course there are reservations about the storage of data at an offsite domain, but so were those tapes you were taking home (!) and that server you had sitting under someone's desk in the early days, or the comms room that was always open. Data security and safety is only as good as the policies implemented by the company and this begins at home. At Netcorp we have a strong focus on end user education and training to ensure the companies ‘data, risk and vulnerability’ remain minimal.

The huge decisive difference between our systems and those reliant on local architecture is – ‘This is our focus’. So you can rest assured that your systems and data are in good hands and always a priority to us. Why not let us know what your concerns are about cloud hosting?

Written by Anthony La Malfa - Technical Consultant