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Remote Desktop Hosting

With the availability and affordability of high speed business grade internet, being in reach of small businesses, we have seen a large market shift in small and medium sized businesses moving their infrastructure to a hosted environment.

No longer do businesses need to worry about running their air conditioning 24/7 in their low level security makeshift comms rooms, implementing their own power protection products and consuming unnecessary power at their premises. Not to mention the need to maintain this equipment and refresh their warranty or hardware every 3 years.

There has been a long established stigma about hosting a company's data offsite, but there a many solutions available to ensure data protection and data redundancy. Many call this the "Cloud" but we don't like to generalise like that. The word "Cloud" is too often used in marketing campaigns and sales pitches, and places all eggs in a basket. It's like someone asking you "what do you drive?" and you say "a car". There are many different products to suit many different applications.

Remote Desktop Hosting is one way Netcorp is able to offer what would normally be an on-premise server, but is privately hosted in our secure environment. If you'd like to learn more about hosting your infrastructure on our private hosted platform, contact us today on +61 2 8007 6755


Written by Anthony La Malfa - Technical Consultant