Chain of Responsibility

Changes that the NHVR have made to the way operators manage their heavy vehicle fleet are now here. The COR (Chain Of Responsibility) rules were implemented in 2019 by the NHVR to force operators to roll out better risk management procedures within their business and across the whole supply chain in the following areas:

Mass Management

The way an operator manages the loading and delivery of good in a heavy vehicle at all stages of the Loading and Unloading Process, from warehousing to final goods delivery

Fatigue Management 

The assignment of work to a driver to ensure any potential Fatigue scenarios are avoided. This ensures reasonable and realistic time frames are assigned and that there a plans in place to ensure driver relief where a driver fatigue scenario can potentially arises

Driver Behavior

Operators must demonstrate a clear structure and method in the way they manage poor driver behavior. Drivers are usually considered lone workers, and often unsupervised work can lead to bad habits. These are serious safety concerns when drivers and general road users are affected. Speeding, poor driving habits and improper break management can often create a scenario that can lead to serious injury or death. 

So how do we make it easier for you?

Our Heavy Vehicle Module has been specifically developed and designed to take care of all the work for you. By providing you with the ultimate intuitive dashboard, where all of your vehicles and drivers can be seen in real time. These are just some of the features our telematics system offers.

– Login and Logout Times (Electronic Work Diary)

– Pre Start Checks & Fault Management

– Live Rest Break Management

– Live Mass Management

– Live CAN / Vehicle Fault / CAN Data Fault Management

– Job Management

– Live Alert Management

Can now be managed in Real-Time!

Finally – A single platform that does it all!