Netcorp MDVR Mobile CCTV Solution

Managing your fleet and driver behaviour can often become a challenging task for any fleet manager, but with our new MDVR solution – we truly have an off the shelf product which can help give you the eyes you need on the ground without leaving your desk

Our product allows you to install up to 8 High Definition cameras on any moving asset which will record video footage for up to 2 months and allow you to retrieve that footage remotely at any time from your desktop computer.

So what makes our product unique compared to other video or dashcam solutions?

The ability to retrieve stored video remotely, on demand is a massive advantage when dealing with large or remote fleets. You can recover video footage minutes after an incident has happened or an incident that wasn’t reported by one of your drivers from weeks ago.

Drivers are often considered lone workers. If a driver is not answering his phone or uncontactable, your office staff can quickly ascertain if a driver needs assistance or if they are currently occupied with their job.

Camera tampering or faults often go unnoticed, as most businesses will only realise a camera system hasn’t been recording until the time comes when the footage is needed most. That’s why Netcorp has implemented features that also monitor camera health and will alert users if a camera isn’t actively working.

Having the ability to install up to 8 cameras, allows you to position cameras in places a normal single or dual camera system won’t allow for. For example, if you needed a camera to monitor a driver’s behaviour or fatigue you could install a camera in the cabin, on the side of the vehicle to cover blind spots – or dangerous areas of a vehicle where pedestrians can’t clearly be seen.

Another feature of our solution includes the ability to use the side and rear facing cameras when a turn or reverse signal is triggered from the vehicle – this will replace the need to have a reverse camera in your truck

As well as video recording, our device is a fully featured GPS tracking and telematics solution. It taps into your vehicle’s engine management system and delivers data to you such as Fuel Level, Fuel Consumption, Engine Hours, Vehicle RPM, Speed and various other important information alongside GPS location which essentially delivers your business a complete fleet management system.

Netcorp is a 100% Australian owned and managed company which has delivered solutions to local businesses for over 20 years. We have a dedicated helpdesk to provide support as well as employing our own team of technicians that can install this solution for you.