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Live Mass in Motion

Multi-Axle Mass management is what Netcorp has built from the ground up, utilising the capability of monitoring live mass in motion through our advanced GPS tracking platform.

Now you have the ability to not only know where your vehicles are, but also the mass they are carrying with every GPS co-ordinate update you receive.

Imagine the safety, efficiency and reporting capabilities here?!

Ensure Mass Safety Compliance

One of the key factors to meeting any compliance requirements when running a heavy vehicle fleet is ensuring you have the right tools to make decisions about how you handle mass. With the COR compliance requirements now heavily in effect, we are helping businesses large and small achieve their goals with ease in this space.

Netcorp GPS has been delivering live weight solutions for a number of years and have already integrated into a number of on board mass systems like Elphinstone and Loadman.

We have also now devloped our own Mass Monitoring system which includes a full package of onboard scales for multi axle airbag systems.

We can tap into any existing weight system and deliver the same data your driver is seeing on his screen or install a new one in your vehicle. This gives you the ability to track weight in real-time and store historical weight data to help you make the right choices regarding compliance or productivity swiftly and efficiently.

We have also partnered with a number of weight solution businesses that give us the ability to provide you with a complete solution for your heavy vehicle fleet from a single integration provider.

If you’d like to know more about our mass monitoring solutions contact us on 1300 722 127 for further information.