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GPS Tracking Field Workers

The safety of workers is often the number one priority for many businesses, in particular that of remote or lone workers who are exposed to risks or dangerous situations on the job. Employers have a duty of care and have to comply with Occupational Health & Safety Laws to ensure their workers are safe at all times. Netcorp GPS can offer personal safety to these types of workers in the form of Personal Tracking Devices with SOS Panic button functions, Mobile Phone tracking and Vehicle Tracking

Remote workers are usually found in industries such as health, mining, social services, emergency sector, drivers, security staff, cleaners, engineers, and salespeople to name a few, but infact almost every industry will have an employee working outside of the employee premises at some point during the day or working week. It’s at these times when employees are working offsite that risks are doubled, and if an incident was to occur not many businesses would be able to afford the financial impact of injury claims, stress or sick leave

, Industry – GPS Tracking Field Workers

The majority of lone workers are often exposed to threats of personal injury, violence, and abuse. By providing them with personal and portable GPS technology you are ensuring their safety, adhering to your corporate responsibility and managing their role more effectively

  • Provide employees with personal safety and piece of mind
  • Panic mode for dangerous situation alerts
  • Comply with Health & Safety Laws
  • Motivate staff and improve productivity
  • Reduce risks of offsite employees
  • Management of remote workers