Electronic Pre Start Checks

Imagine having the transparency of watching your drivers completing their compulsory pre-start checks in real time from the comfort of your web browser? 

What about managing all reported faults through a fault management platform, by dealing with them in real time?

Then ensuring that vehicles are not driven without the required safety procedures and compliancy checks, that your business has implemented?

Don’t Imagine it – it’s already here!

Efficiency without compromising Safety

If you consider the amount of resources, time and paperwork required to ensure driver and vehicle compliance in the heavy vehicle industry you probably couldn’t put an accurate number on it. Not only is the system flawed whereby drivers can choose to move or drive a vehicle or simply fill in the paperwork at the end of their shift – and you wouldn’t even know, but the administration involved in identifying and addressing any reported faults can cripple a business and its available resources.

As Netcorp has further entwined itself in the Heavy Vehicle industry in Australia, through its rapid development of products surrounding the concrete industry specifically, we have seen so many opportunities to improve on redundant and poorly managed activities, that can be improved on dramatically by implementing simple and effective digital solutions.

One of the obvious shortfalls around safety was the ability for drivers to “workaround" safety procedures whether they be due to time constraints or poor work ethic – regardless – this was just not good enough.


By implementing our customisable pre-start module into your existing Netcorp GPS telematics solution, you are able to:

Watch drivers completing Pre-Start Checks in Real Time

Watch a Pre-Start dashboard light up your vehicles that have passed or failed in realtime, and manage them accordingly. No more guessing or wondering who has done what.

Monitor any reported faults in Real-Time

Once a fault is identified by the driver, the system  will notify you of all the identified faults and determine (based on the level of importance configured on the fault logged) whether a manager has the ability to override the fault. Once the fault is cleared or repaired, the vehicle can then proceed to be driven without triggering any further alerts.

Manage those reported faults through your internal Escalation Process

Using the implemented steps of COR (Chain of Responsibility) heavy vehicle operators are required to escalate any known issues through their appropriate management workflow. Our system allows a transparent and efficient process to identify any lapses in a business process and to ensure safety is never compromised. All staff responsible in the Chain Of Responsibility play a key part in ensuring compliance.

Release a truck to drive after a fault has been rectified or escalated

Once a fault has been rectified or repaired, our system will flag the truck with a “Pass" or “Pass with further checks required", and allow the vehicle to be driven without triggering any alerts for driving without a completed pre-start.

Identify a truck moving without a Pre-Start Check

Using our live GPS tracking platform, we can swiftly notify management via SMS, E-Mail or Web Portal,  of any vehicles that are moving without a valid, passed pre-start check. This will ensure Heavy Vehicle compliance 100% of the time and create an environment whereby drivers are following correct procedures that your business has implemented for NHVR Chain of Responsibility.

Enforce different drivers of the same vehicle to perform their own pre-start check

If any driver takes control of a vehicle, it is their responsibility to ensure the vehicles is safe and compliant. Our system can detect a change of driver and ensure that a pre-start check is completed by the new driver. Similarly it will also identify if a driver signs off, and no other driver has driven that vehicle within their potential longest shift time, that a valid pre-start still exists on that vehicle.

Customise pre-start templates to suit the specific vehicle the driver is logging onto

We understand that no two vehicles are the same, therefore a single pre-start profile will not suffice in fleets with multiple makes, models and vehicle types. Netcorp has ensured that our pre-start platform is robust yet flexible, and offers the ability to create pre-start templates to apply to an existing vehicle’s profile. The driver’s interface is assigned to the vehicle and the template is automatically loaded to the appropriate vehicle type.