GPS Tracking Hardware

Netcorp provides a comprehensive hardware solution to suit any type of GPS tracking installation. As well as providing you with the hardware required for your telematics needs, we also provide installation services both at our premises or onsite by our own technicians. 

, GPS Tracking Hardware 4G LTE 3G
Vehicle Tracker
The Netcorp NC366I is a compact yet feature packed 4G/LTE GPS tracking device boasting high end functionality in a Waterproof IP67 rated protective case with an Internal/External GPS Antenna.
, GPS Tracking Hardware 4G LTE 3G
Personal Tracker
If you’re looking for a personal GPS tracking device to equip lone workers or temporary asset tracking, then our NCP2000 device is the ideal solution.
, GPS Tracking Hardware 4G LTE 3G
Vehicle Plug In
Netcorp’s “Plug and Play” OBD Device is a true 4G/LTE device with highly advanced data collection capability. Installs in minutes with no technical ability.
, GPS Tracking Hardware 4G LTE 3G
Battery Asset Tracker
Netcorp's NC355 is a Magnetic Asset tracking device designed to be installed in seconds and can track for up to 3 years tracking without charging.

We use our own technicians

We are proud to use our own highly skilled technicians for all our installations where possible. This ensures the quality of our services and longevity of our products. Other companies use 3rd party installers who are paid per installation, and this usually results in a poor quality installation. All of our technicians are senior (10+ Years of installation), and highly skilled specifically in this industry.

, GPS Tracking Hardware 4G LTE 3G