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GPS Tracking for Government

The Government sector benefits hugely from GPS tracking technology in the form of Fleet Monitoring, Personal Monitoring, Mobile Phone Monitoring and SOS Functionality. Netcorp GPS currently supports a number of councils within NSW, in the form of fleet monitoring, Geofences and SOS capabilities

Government and Council agencies are often vulnerable to the misuse, damage and/or fraudulent use of expensive equipment and mobile assets. GPS tracking can provide management with solutions on how to monitor their assets and manage employees, leading to greater efficiencies and a reduction in costs

, Industry – GPS Tracking for Government

Government agencies also have to comply with OH&S Laws and have a duty of care to ensure employee safety on the job. GPS monitoring allows management to assess any risks being faced by employees and take adequate steps to ensure their safety

  • Comply with OH&S Laws
  • Provide employee safety and peace of mind
  • Improve productivity
  • Calculate potential risks