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GPS Geofences

What is a Geofence? A Geofence is a software controlled, Geographically placed, virtual fence that can be easily created with a few clicks of a mouse in our platform. The function of creating Geo-Fences allow you to proactively receive reporting about vehicles entering, exiting or both in these areas. Our GPS Tracking platform allows you create the fence in any polygonal shape, and also assign it in any relevant colour which may help you visually identify it on the map. Netcorp GPS goes one step further. Let’s say you want to create a Geo-Fence around a municipality or city area and then multiple geofences inside this area such as a depot or storage yard. Our system allows you to create multi-layered 3 dimensional Geo-Fencing on up to 4 different levels. You can then trigger these fences individually and independently of the larger Geo-Fence they are in.

, GPS Geofences

Another feature of using Geofences, is to manage live job assignment to vehicles. We have integrated into systems such as Command Alkon which 90% of the concrete industry use to assign jobs to their drivers and manage the delivery of concrete. By creating Geofences on the fly using system triggered
addresses we can automatically trigger notifications to their clients about vehicles arriving within a certain distance from the job, enabling them the time to prepare for the vehicle’s arrival. This also assists in the planning and notification of vehicles leaving sites to help improve utilization and productivity of your fleet. In the example below you can see the live jobs created on the fly in octagonal shapes. They can be created to any radius, but also edited by the client inside our portal so as to cover any additional areas
at that location used to stage vehicles prior to arrival.

, GPS Geofences

A full reporting suite is included regarding the calculations of Geo-Fence triggers and can be reported by “Vehicle” or “Geofence” giving entry time, duration and exit time. Integrated into our live weight system we can also determine weight differences of a vehicle when it entered the Geo-Fence and when it exited the Geo-Fence. This can be useful for delivery or waste businesses to ensure correct charges are applied to costing your delivery of services.